• 04.02.2017   Cases

    Shop design for all the senses. Linari showroom and flagship store, Hamburg.

Memorable brand experience.
Linari GmbH, the internationally active manufacturer of room fragrances, perfumes and soaps, has recently moved into new premises.
In the Wilhelmsburg district of Hamburg, the company has opened a representative showroom, which can also be seen as a model for future shop-in-shop areas or independent Linari shops worldwide.

In collaboration with the interior designers of HanseLoft, a sample of multisensory design has been developed. Space, light, form, scent, sound and images combine to create a memorable, emotional branding experience.

Multimedial scenarios
For a multimedial brand experience, the DALI-controllable track luminaires are connected via a corresponding gateway made by Loxone. Over ten different scenarios can be controlled by app, but also with permanently installed switches. Basic and accent lighting, the illuminated window cubes as well as the background music can be changed according to the occasion and season.