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    LED Technology – A new generation. Even more efficient, even more precise colours.

With BÄRO as a light partner you benefit from technical progress in LEDs: together with our suppliers we always implement the latest generations of LEDs and drivers in ever more efficient products with ever more precise colours.

Thanks to perfectly matched system components and the reduced power consumption resulting from this, BÄRO luminaires now consume even less electricity with similar luminous flux. Depending on the luminaire model this results in efficiency increases of up to 31% and excellent luminous efficacies of up to 138 lm/W.

The new generation offers up to 31% higher luminous efficacy – strictly selected for extremely high colour fidelity.

Forward-looking, intelligent luminaire design always includes optimal thermal management. In conjunction with the latest generation LED modules and drivers this leads to further energy savings. Almost all luminaires from the BÄRO portfolio now only need passive cooling, even when they have high luminous fluxes. There is no longer any additional power consumption by a fan on the luminaire; operating and maintenance costs are further reduced.

Production factors result in tolerances in the production of LED chips which can lead to differences in the light colour and are classified in SDCM. These SDCM classes represent a quality criterion for LEDs. In addition to greater energy efficiency and perfected thermal management, BÄRO attaches great importance to excellent light quality: the present generation change implies narrower binning, also for the standard light colours, to 2 SDCM (initial).

Energy efficiency, durability and light quality – 3 good reasons to contact the BÄRO light experts for advice. In addition, the new BÄRO leasing concept offers made-to-measure financing solutions for emotional and effective retail lighting concepts.

You will find up-to-date information for your projects in the "Configurations" section for each product.