The first step with BÄRO:

We offer you comprehensive advice & analysis on savings opportunities for market lighting.

  • Joint assessment of the current situation
  • Analysis of the lighting in your store
  • Advice on possible energy-saving measures
  • Sampling of various alternatives with you on site
  • Presentation of a clear recommendation for action in the direction of revitalisation or optimisation of energy consumption
  • Provision of an amortisation calculation as a decision-making aid

With a revitalisation, your existing lighting is replaced. Depending on the situation, this can be a 1:1 exchange of the luminaires or an exchange with a reduced number of luminaires.

In the case of energy consumption optimisation, we make technical adjustments to selected luminaires on site. Replacement is not necessary.

A hybrid solution can also be the best solution for the situation in your market. In this case, part of the luminaires is replaced and part is converted.


The result

  • Modern LED lighting
  • Highest energy efficiency and thus maximum reduction in energy consumption of up to 60%
  • Best presentation of goods and customer guidance through light for optimum sales-promoting effect
  • Pleasant atmosphere that invites customers to stay a while
  • Short payback time due to reduced energy costs and sales-promoting effect

The result

  • Energy-optimised BARO existing systems with immediate energy savings of up to 30%
  • Low investment and fast implementation
  • Adjustments on site by experienced fitters
  • Minimal use of materials and particularly sustainable
  • Short payback period due to reduced energy consumption and reduced energy costs
  • Guarantee and warranty claims remain unaffected
Save energy now!

Save energy now!

Whether you are a retailer or a retail brand, we would be happy to develop a lighting concept for you that is precisely tailored to your needs.