• 18.02.2019   Fairs

    High-tech for better air quality

The restaurant and food service sector, food production industry and food trade have high demands on hygiene and cleanliness. At the ISH 2019 in Frankfurt, BÄRO Clean Air Technologies will present sustainable innovations and proven environmentally friendly solutions for minimising smoke and odours during the preparation of fresh foods and dishes.
Air hygiene without using chemicals
Every two years industry experts and decision-makers come together at the ISH in Frankfurt, the world's leading trade fair for sustainable air-conditioning technology and building services. This is the ideal place and occasion for BÄRO Clean Air Technologies to present pioneering solutions for large kitchens, the food industry and the food trade. Systems with UV-C technology play a very important role in the production of foodstuffs. They create germ-free air and surfaces – for greater safety in food production and a longer shelf life. KitTech with UV-C ozone technology for reducing grease in extraction hoods offers greater design freedom for the preparation of fresh foods in salesrooms, as does PlasmaStream technology for reducing grease in ventilation systems. Furthermore, the new
Cumulus technology effectively cleans blue smoke.
Effective against blue smoke: BARO Cumulus
From steakhouses to burger restaurants – cooking meat on charcoal or lava grills is in, but the high temperatures together with dripping fat inevitably lead to exhaust air polluted with smoke and fumes. BÄRO Clean Air Technologies now has a solution to this problem. The innovative Cumulus flue gas scrubber separates out soot particles in the exhaust air system using a spray mist process that is environmentally friendly and does not use chemicals. In addition to combating blue smoke, Cumulus also makes an effective contribution to fire protection.
Freedom to realise innovative snack ideas
Culinary offerings with open cooking areas are not just all the rage in new hotel restaurants or with system caterers; they are also an integral part of modern retail concepts – from classic food retailing, bakeries or butcher's shops to shopping centres and filling stations. Wherever fresh food and snacks are offered in a limited space, compact clean air solutions that eliminate odour problems can make a real difference. BÄRO offers effective KitTech and PlasmaStream technologies to reduce grease and minimise odours – giving planners, designers and business owners freedom to realise their ideas. KitTech is a compact and very effective UV-C ozone cleaning system that fully meets all the demands on modern exhaust air processes and is simple to integrate in new or existing exhaust air extraction systems.

Better hygiene, reduced odours
Today, numerous technical fields of application exist for modern plasma technologies. They range from surface and environmental engineering to measuring and ventilation technology where they serve to clean and reduce the odours in exhaust air from kitchens. The exhaust air that is produced when food is prepared does not only bother people in the direct vicinity, it also contaminates the environment and the pollutants it contains can be harmful to human health. As part of the kitchen exhaust air system, PlasmaStream technology ensures that odours are efficiently minimised and grease is absorbed – without chemical additives because it is based on a purely chemical-physical principle with four functional stages.
Effective systems for air and surface disinfection
The germicidal effect of UV-C radiation is used for environmentally friendly disinfection of air, surfaces and water. BÄRO offers effective UV-C systems for use in the food industry, processing trades, in medical institutions, office buildings or the restaurant and food service industry. At the heart of these systems are compact UV-C low-pressure emitters which ensure efficient and effective reduction of microorganisms even in the most confined spaces – with a very long service life of approx. 9,000 hours. The products range from UV-C compact lamps for air and surface disinfection to compact stand-alone units and complete modules for integration in ventilation systems.
Satisfied users from many different sectors
The modular solutions from BÄRO Clean Air Technologies have proven their worth in demanding day-to day operation in numerous customer businesses in all kinds of different sectors. From industrial enterprises to large kitchens, canteens and restaurants located in areas necessitating exhaust air with minimum odour – they all know BÄRO as an expert and flexible service-oriented partner who accompanies the entire process from planning to commissioning of the customised air concept.