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    The air in the Thier gallery in Dortmund is good thanks to plasma technology from BÄRO.

Nowadays, the shopping centre experience not only comprises a wide variety of stores and brands, but also a varied range of restaurants and snack bars.

In the Thier gallery these are found in the Food Lounge on the second floor at the Westenhellweg entrance. With 14 different snack bars, cafés and restaurants to choose from everyone will find something to suit their taste. Such a wide range of different food offerings in a confined space increases the risk of annoying kitchen and food smells which could impair the guests’ enjoyment of their food and also bother shoppers. Advanced solutions for cleaning the extracted air and eliminating smells are called for here.

A key element of the high-performance air extraction system for the restauraunts in the Food Lounge can be found on the roof of the building. Here the planning engineers from OTTO Luft- und Klimatechnik GmbH & Co. KG from Bad Berleburg installed several compact air extraction units from BÄRO Clean Air Technologies that work with the PlasmaStream process: one type PS 5000 unit and five further type PS 10000 units.

Their PlasmaStream technology is based on a purely physical principle and works without any chemicals. Odour and grease molecules and the cell structure of bacteria and viruses are destroyed and rendered harmless. The result is exhaust air that is clean and almost free of odours, which means that it can be routed straight outside, even if there are residential or commercial buildings in the direct vicinity. This enabled the costs for planning and realisation of the air extraction duct system for the Thier gallery to be greatly reduced.

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