NEW: AirCom Pro air purification

Air purification redesigned: Continuous disinfection of the room air with the AirCom Pro air purifier.

The AirCom Pro continuously draws in the contaminated air via two front-mounted fans. In the highly efficient, shielded disinfection chamber, the air is disinfected ozone-free, without chemical additives and without danger to humans.

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Bacteria and virus-free air thanks to UV-C disinfection.

Whether in offices or in conference and seminar rooms, in hotels, in waiting rooms of doctors' surgeries, in restaurants, in the dining room of retirement homes or even in changing rooms: Wherever there are many people or the public is constantly changing, viruses and bacteria can accumulate in the room air and cause illness in humans through droplet or aerosol infection. Depending on the requirements, UVC disinfection systems can be used to ensure germ-free room air and the best possible health protection.
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UVC - the power of invisible light.

According to the official declaration of the IUVA, SARS viruses can also be inactivated with UVC light.

UVC Disinfection in medicine & care
UVC Disinfection in office & administration
UVC Disinfection in retail



Air hygiene without the need for chemicals.

Remove odours and microbes from the air without a trace with no need for chemicals. BÄRO Clean Air Technologies enables efficient and lasting elimination of odours and effective air purification. The individual solutions for disinfection and the elimination of grease and minimisation of odours mean that even the most complex plans can be implemented cost-effectively.

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