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    Out now: Intara CX.

Simple. Consistent. Innovative.

The newly developed recessed luminaires series Intara CX is a trend-setting retail lighting solution. Wallwashers, directional spots and downlights have a modular structure making them easy to plan and flexibly combinable with the BÄRO product range. The luminaires can be mounted without tools and are quick to install.

Product features

  • Wattages: 15 W, 23 W, 34 W
  • Light colours: 927, 830, 835, 840, PearlWhite, Sun, BeCool, BeColor, GoldenBread, Fish&Seafood, SpecialMeat, FreshMeat
  • Beam angles: NarrowSpot 10°, Spot 20°, Medium 25°, Flood 44°, OvalBasic 40° x 60°, Downlight 60°, WallWash
  • Luminous flux: up to 3.690 lm
  • Luminous efficacy: up to 137 lm/W
  • Control: Fix Current, DALI: 100 % – 1 %
  • Directional spot

    Intara CX

    Directional spot

  • Wallwasher

    Intara CX


  • Downlight

    Intara CX


Special features

  • LED hybrid technology (directional spot), reflectors MIRO-SILVER®
  • Directional spot: pivot angle ± 175°, angle of adjustment ± 30°
  • Wallwasher: pivot angle ± 175°
  • Plaster variant
  • IP54 variant
  • Emergency light function (individual and central battery)
  • Different colour combinations (trim/decorative ring) on request

For homogenous retail lighting concepts

With its range of lighting technology and the high level of technical and design quality the new series Intara CX perfectly rounds off the range of BÄRO products. Now a consistent system in LED technology that has been thought through to the end is available to light planners, users and operators in retail environments that enables a customised light balance to be developed for all kinds of retail concepts.

The new CX directional spots and wallwashers are available, downlights from 09/2018.

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