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Reflectors are essential for precise illumination

Reflectors channel the luminous flux produced by lamps in a certain angle in a certain direction. The properties of the reflector determine how much light is reflected. The size and shape of the reflector depend on the lighting task. The BARO lighting engineers fit different types of reflector depending on the application. All reflectors are available in silver or nickel-silver. Whilst the silver reflectors produce a very bright light, the lighting atmosphere created by the nickel-silver reflector is perceived as warm and Mediterranean.

Overview of reflectors

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Basic-Reflector Basic-Reflector Basic-Reflector

Technical data & description
Spot-Reflector Spot-Reflector Spot-Reflector

Technical data & description
Batwing-Reflector Batwing-Reflector Batwing-Reflector 50°

Technical data & description
Batwing-Reflector Batwing-Reflector Batwing-Reflector 70°

Technical data & description
Batwing-Reflector Batwing-Reflector Batwing-Reflector 90°

Technical data & description
Flood-Reflector Flood-Reflector Flood-Reflector

Technical data & description
MaxBeam-Reflector MaxBeam-Reflector MaxBeam-Reflector

Technical data & description
WallBeam-Reflector WallBeam-Reflector WallBeam-Reflector

Technical data & description
WideWing-Reflector WideWing-Reflector WideWing-Reflector

Technical data & description
Wallwasher-Reflector Wallwasher-Reflector Wallwasher-Reflector

Technical data & description
LED-Reflector Basic LED-Reflector Basic LED-Reflector Basic

Technical data & description
LED-Reflector Spot LED-Reflector Spot LED-Reflector Spot

Technical data & description
Beledi-Reflector Beledi-Reflector

Technical data & description

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