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Light types

BARO mainly works with three types of light:

BARO Food Light Mini (BFL Mini)
BARO Bright Star (BBS)
BARO LED Food Light

BARO Food Light Mini (BFL Mini) – especially for fresh foodstuffs
The Food Light concept was specially developed for the presentation of fresh foodstuffs. In combination with the right reflectors, illuminances, distribution of luminous intensities, patented or UV filters this results in the ideal lighting solution for various product groups to suit their specific characteristics – because fresh meat must be illuminated differently to cheese, the requirements for illuminating vegetables differ from those for fish and the same applies to bakery products and fruit.

BARO has perfectly mastered the art of showing fresh foodstuffs from their best side. Patented filter technology with minimum heat generation offers maximum product protection. Perfect sales-promoting food presentation and an average service life of 12,000 operating hours are further arguments in favour of energy efficient BFL Mini lighting technology.

BARO Bright Star (BBS) – for particularly powerful illumination
The Bright Star concept has been specially developed for applications where a particularly bright and sales promoting light is important, for example products on special offer, products presented outdoors or non-food presentations indoors.

With its luminous intensity and brightness BARO Bright Star draws attention to the products on display, adding additional eye-catching highlights to the overall harmonious lighting concept. The products on display are highly visible to customers and this special type of lighting is particularly appealing. Special reflectors and UV filters effectively protect non-food products, too, from fading and discolouration.

BARO LED Food Light
The realisation of the LED Food Light concept once again demonstrates BARO's technological leadership in the presentation of fresh food products for food retailers.

LED technology illuminates fresh foodstuffs with natural colour rendering whilst offering lasting protection from heat. In particular, the positive effect of this is manifested in the fact that much less has to be cut off meat and sausages – thus greatly reducing product losses. A further advantage is that no condensation forms in the packaging of fresh foodstuffs. Moreover, the absence of UV and infrared in the light spectrum means that bees, wasps and other insects stay away – a real advantage in bakeries and cake shops in particular.

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