• 16.10.2017   Company

    Fresher than ever after five decades: BÄRO celebrates its 50th company anniversary.

Founded in October 1967, BÄRO, a leading specialist in the fields of retail lighting and clean air technologies with global operations, can look back on half a century as a family-owned company – since 2004 with the married couple Dr Sandra von Möller and J. Manuel von Möller as the owners and managers. Their strategy: new technologies and superior design secure good long-term prospects for BÄRO.

"Fresh Light for Fresh Products": BÄRO's leitmotiv and its clear, fresh implementation is not only understood and valued in Germany, but also in many export markets around the world. BÄRO luminaires illuminate premises ranging from individual stores to supermarkets, chain stores, small-scale manufacturers, outlets, shops, boutiques, specialist or lifestyle retail formats.

In addition, there is the Clean Air Technologies division with its forward-looking solutions: from systems using UV-C technology to disinfect air and surfaces in food production to compact units with PlasmaStream technology for the minimisation of odours or with UV-C ozone for reducing grease in the restaurant and food service industry.

Fifty years after the foundation of the company, BÄRO's presentation is now fresher than ever: a company that is down-to-earth and open-minded at the same time, that combines the long-term prospects of a family-owned company with the speed of a modern network structure. Both management and staff are committed to values such as diversity and responsibility for the environment and society.

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