The restaurant and food service industry keeps reinventing itself. Current food trends such as organic, vegan or regional form the basis for innovative restaurant and food service concepts: individual formats with a stylish interior design that are a pleasure to spend time in. The technical equipment must be just as individual as the interior design – tailored to the premises in question and also retrofittable in existing systems.

With the PlasmaStream and KitTech systems BÄRO offers various options for eliminating odours and grease from kitchen air, enabling you to freely choose a site and your guests to enjoy delicious food in a pleasant ambience without annoying smells.



Nowadays, hotels across all categories develop their own individual profile that is as varied as the needs of their guests, especially in densely built areas. This includes spa and wellness oases, sporting and other activities, bar and lounge areas. Innovative restaurant and catering concepts transcend conventional room boundaries: where guests enjoy warm egg dishes in the morning fish is prepared on a hot stone at midday and hearty steaks are grilled in the evening – right in the hotel lobby, the dining area or open restaurant.

Exhaust air systems with PlasmaStream and KitTech technology from BÄRO keep odours in check. Guests relax and enjoy their food.